31x10.50R15 Tires

Find out if 31x10.50R15 fits your vehicle. Check out 31x10.50R15 tire size specifications and suggested replacement sizes.

What are 31x10.50R15 dimensions?

31x10.50R15 tire has a section width of 0.4 inches, a rim diameter of 15 inches, a sidewall height of 0.3 inches, an overall diameter of 1.2 inches, and a circumference of 3.8 inches, making 16674 revolutions per mile.

31x10.50R15 Section Width
31x10.50R15 Tire Side
Tire Circumference
16674 Revs/Mile
Metric Inches
Overall Diameter 31 mm 1.2"
Tread Width 10.50 mm 0.4"
Aspect Ratio 76 %
Rim Diameter 381 mm 15"
Sidewall Height 8 mm 0.3"
Circumference 97.3 mm 3.8"
Revolutions 10277 per km 16674 per mile

What are replacement tire sizes for 31x10.50R15?

Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the original tire's overall diameter to ensure safe drive and proper speedometer readings. Below is a list of similar tire sizes that are within optimal characteristics of the original 31x10.50R15 size.

What cars does 31x10.50R15 tire size fit?

There are 23 car models that use 31x10.50R15 as original equipment tire size. Select your vehicle model for more details.