245/45R18 Tires

Find out if 245/45R18 fits your vehicle. Check out 245/45R18 tire size specifications and suggested replacement sizes.

What are 245/45R18 dimensions?

245/45R18 tire has a section width of 9.6 inches, a rim diameter of 18 inches, a sidewall height of 4.3 inches, an overall diameter of 26.7 inches, and a circumference of 83.8 inches, making 756 revolutions per mile.

245/45R18 Section Width
245/45R18 Tire Side
Tire Circumference
756 Revs/Mile
Metric Inches
Overall Diameter 677 mm 26.7"
Tread Width 245 mm 9.6"
Aspect Ratio 45 %
Rim Diameter 457.2 mm 18"
Sidewall Height 110 mm 4.3"
Circumference 2125.8 mm 83.8"
Revolutions 470 per km 756 per mile

What is 245/45R18 in inches?

245/45R18 in inches is equivalent to 26.7x9.6R18.

What are replacement tire sizes for 245/45R18?

Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the original tire's overall diameter to ensure safe drive and proper speedometer readings. Below is a list of similar tire sizes that are within optimal characteristics of the original 245/45R18 size.

What cars does 245/45R18 tire size fit?

There are 75 car models that use 245/45R18 as original equipment tire size. Select your vehicle model for more details.